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County Match Award Winners  2014 - 15

Updated: 28th February 2015


HOME VS Bedforshire September 6th/7th 2014

Men's 'A' Paul Fellows 26.03
Ladies 'A' Sam Wright 17.62
Men's 'B' Gary Grimmitt 27.34
Ladies 'B' Helen Jones 15.99
180's Ricky Nathan, Simon Lloyd, Matt Tremlett, Paul Fellows, Colin Hignell, Martin Ralph, James Peto, Gary Grimmitt, Helen Jones




AWAY VS Shropshire October 4th/5th 2014

Men's 'A' Simon Lloyd 24.02
Ladies 'A' Tracey Webb 17.48
Men's 'B' Robbie Long 22.43
Ladies 'B' Jackie Skinner 18.79
180's Lee Ellison




HOME VS Middlesex November 1st/2nd 2014

Men's 'A' Simon Bryant 25.55
Ladies 'A' Tracey Webb 14.72
Men's 'B' Robbie Long 23.23
Ladies 'B' Cath Rosser 14.59
180's Ricky Nathan, Martin Lansdown, Simon Lloyd, Robbie Long, Ryan Shipp




AWAY VS Northumberland November 29th/30th 2014

Men's 'A' Paul Fellows 24.62
Ladies 'A' Tracey Webb 17.22
Men's 'B' Lee Ellison 25.47
Ladies 'B' Claire Iles 15.47




HOME VS Isle Of Wight January 17th/18th 2015

Men's 'A' Alan Skinner 27.52
Ladies 'A' Sam Wright 17.48
Men's 'B' Billy Bird 26.31
Ladies 'B' Jackie Skinner 19.03
180's Simon Lloyd, Paul Fellows, Luke Allen, Martyn Lansdown




AWAY VS Tyne & Wear 7th/8th February 2015

Men's 'A' Andy White 24.39
Ladies 'A' Tracey Webb 17.95
Men's 'B' Adam Whitehead 25.95
Ladies 'B' Jayne Fitzgerald 15.66
180's Robbie Long, Simon Lloyd, Gary Grimmitt, Martyn Lansdown, Terry Hayes, Jayne Fitzgerald,




AWAY VS Clwyd 28th/29th March 2015

Men's 'A' Martyn Lansdown 25.68
Ladies 'A' Jackie Skinner 17.66
Men's 'B' Billy Bird 25.47
Ladies 'B' Cath Rosser 16.57
180's Luke Allen, Robbie Long, Adam Whitehead, Martyn Noakes x2, Josh Allen, Brad Long




HOME VS PEMBROKESHIRE 25th/26th April 2015

Men's 'A' Terry Hayes 24.36
Ladies 'A' Tracey Webb 17.68
Men's 'B' Matt Tremlett 26.37
Ladies 'B' Cath Rosser 14.89
180's Martyn Lansdown, Adam Whitehead, Simon Lloyd, Terry Hayes x2, Martin Vowles





Men's 'A' Martyn Lansdown 26.59
Ladies 'A' Jackie Skinner 17.61
Men's 'B' Dave Kiernan 26.37
Ladies 'B' Cath Rosser 16.00
180's Paul Fellows, Andy White, Martyn Lansdown, Matt Tremlett,



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