The West of England

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County Match Award Winners  2011-12


Gloucestershire (Away) 10/11th September 2011

Men's 'A' Sam Allen 29.31
Ladies 'A' Paula Clemett 18.93
Men's 'B' Martyn Lansdown 25.47
Ladies 'B' Gail Dent 16.08
180's Robbie Long , Sam Allen x2 , Damien Sherwood , Chris Hartrey




Montgomery & Radnor (Home) 8/9th October 2011

Men's 'A' Sam Allen 31.98
Ladies 'A' Gail Dent 17.75
Men's 'B' Jerry Abbott 25.05
Ladies 'B' Jess Kay 16.86
180's Damien Sherwood x2, Martyn Lansdown, Matt Draper, Mike Johnson, Sam Allen




Pembrokeshire (Away) 5/6th November 2011

Men's 'A' Garry Harding 27.59
Ladies 'A' Kimberley Lewis 16.84
Men's 'B' Simon Lloyd 27.56
Ladies 'B' Sam Wright 14.51
180's Steve Rendall, Simon Lloyd, Damien Sherwood, Jerry Abbott




Norfolk (Home) 3/4th December 2011

Men's 'A' Mike Nott 27.23
Ladies 'A' Kimberley Lewis 17.68
Men's 'B' Lee Feltham 25.49
Ladies 'B' Sam Wright 18.47

Gary Grimmitt, Andy White, Craig Bishop, Damien Sherwood, Ricky Palmer, Chris Hartrey, Matt Draper




Buckinghamshire (Away) 28/29th January 2012

Men's 'A' Martyn Lansdown 27.83
Ladies 'A' Jane Jenkins 16.49
Men's 'B' Steve Lippett 26.68
Ladies 'B' Liz Harrington 12.80
180's Paul Fellows x2, Chris Hartrey, Mike Knapman, Matt Draper x2




Sussex (Home) 11/12th February 2012

Men's 'A' Mike Johnson 26.80
Ladies 'A' Gail Dent 17.08
Men's 'B' Steve Lippett 24.39
Ladies 'B' Jess Kay 16.53
180's Sarah Cook, Steve Lippett, Steve Rendall, Sam Allen, Wayne Allen, Martyn Lansdown x2, Chris Hartrey




Gwynedd (Away) 3/4th March 2012

Men's 'A' Paul Smith 26.77
Ladies 'A'
Men's 'B' Wayne Allen 26.37
Ladies 'B' Tracey Webb 18.29
180's Gary Grimmitt, Wayne Allen, Jane Jenkins, Andy White, Martyn Lansdown, Mike Nott




Wiltshire (Home) 31st March/1st April 2012

Men's 'A' Martyn Lansdown 25.91
Ladies 'A' Jane Jenkins 16.92
Men's 'B' Mike Knapman 29.67
Ladies 'B' Tracey Webb 17.25
180's Garry Harding, Paul Fellows, Gary Grimmitt, Simon Lloyd, Mike Knapman, Mike Johnson, Jerry Abbott, Robbie Long, Chris Hartrey




Cleveland (Away) 28th/29th April 2012

Men's 'A' Mike Knapman 24.86
Ladies 'A' Sarah Cook 16.40
Men's 'B' Simon Lloyd 24.25
Ladies 'B' Liz Harrington 15.91
180's Liz Harrington, Craig Bishop, Lee Ellison, Paul Fellows, Ricky Oram, Robbie Long x2, Mike Nott, Simon Lloyd



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