The West of England

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County Match Award Winners - 2005-2006

Pembrokeshire / Montgomery & Radnor / Isle of Wight / Shropshire / Tyne & Wear

Breconshire / Leicestershire / Clwyd / Gloucestershire


Pembrokeshire (Away) - 10/11 September 2005

Men's 'A' Jeff Williams 24.39
Ladies 'A' Vicky Fowles 18.77
Men's 'B' Vince Gaetani 23.12
Ladies 'B' Tracy Stephens 15.99
180's Vince Gaetani x3, Chris Hartrey, Steve Miles, Mike Johnson, Marcus Knapman




Montgomery & Radnor (Home) - 8/9 October 2005

Men's 'A' Vince Gaetani 26.37
Ladies 'A' Vicky Fowles 17.58
Men's 'B' Stuart Foale 28.29
Ladies 'B'    
180's Stuart Foale, Rob Long, Pat Marsh




Isle of Wight (Away) - 5/6 November 2005

Men's 'A' Martyn Freeman 30.06
Ladies 'A' Emma Grumbach 15.12
Men's 'B' Stuart Foale 27.33
Ladies 'B' Sue Wilson 15.35
180's Mark Barrs, Kelvin Lazarus, John Lowe, Mike Knapman, Mike Johnson




Shropshire (Away) - 3/4 December 2005

Men's 'A' Stuart Foale 29.34
Ladies 'A' Emma Grumbach 18.33
Men's 'B' Alan Skinner 24.83
Ladies 'B' Tracy Stephens 18.54
180's Jeff Williams, Neil Hooper, John Price, Alan Skinner




Tyne & Wear (Home) - 21/22 January 2006

Men's 'A' Vince Gaetani 30.06
Ladies 'A' Gail Dent 15.90
Men's 'B' Mark Dudbridge 35.79
Ladies 'B' Amanda Tyler 19.52
180's John Price, Mark Dudbridge x2, Mike Johnson, Vince Gaetani, Mike Knapman




Breconshire (Away) - 11/12 February 2006

Men's 'A' Martyn Freeman 26.15
Ladies 'A' Vicky Fowles 18.66
Men's 'B' John Price 27.33
Ladies 'B' Alana Allsopp 15.91
180's Mark Barrs, Andy Parsons, Mike Johnson, Jeff Williams, John Price




Leicestershire (Home) - 4/5 March 2006

Men's 'A' Jeff Williams 25.05
Ladies 'A' Vicky Fowles 21.17
Men's 'B' Andy Parsons 26.27
Ladies 'B' Tracy Stephens 15.35
180's Andy Parsons, Colin Gibbs, Mike Knapman, John Lowe, Mike Johnson




Clwyd (Away) - 1/2 April 2006

Men's 'A' Martyn Freeman 28.57
Ladies 'A' Jackie Skinner 15.48
Men's 'B' Mark Brown 27.42
Ladies 'B'    
180's Alan Skinner, Paul Davis, Mark Brown x2, Jeff Williams




Gloucestershire (Home) - 22/23 April 2005

Men's 'A' Martyn Freeman 26.10
Ladies 'A' Vicky Fowles 20.04
Men's 'B' Vince Gaetani 27.33
Ladies 'B' Alana Allsopp 16.16
180's Vince Gaetani, Colin Gibbs, Russell Lippett, Jason Horseman, Alan Thatcher



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